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A canal boat holiday is the perfect getaway

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The beautiful canals of England and Wales wind their way through a variety of interesting and distinctive canal boat holidays locations offering you the chance to stop off and investigate further at a mooring of your choice or to simply continue cruising onto the next destination.

Green Boating

Now that we know how much damage our flights abroad are doing to the environment, why not stay in Britain : canal boat holidays.

Now that we know how much damage our flights abroad are doing to the environment, why not stay in Britain this year and take a greener holiday on Britain's very own picturesque canals?

Our canal boat hire offers you an environmentally friendly alternative to flying. You can have a great holiday at an affordable price that doesn't have a huge Carbon footprint.

Did you know that even a short haul flight produces the equivalent emissions of 3 months of driving your car? For the growing numbers of us who are concerned about pollution and global warming, an exciting holiday alternative within Britain can help us cut down on our foreign escapades... helping us to stay green!

Our choice of marinas dotted across the country are never too far from your front door. Quickly and easily you'll find yourself immersed in a totally different British cultural experience.

With a canal boat holiday, you can relax in the Great British outdoors, get closer to nature; and delve into the folk art and traditions of the industrial revolution.

Our canal boats run on diesel and are nice and compact; They burn so much less than your car would as you meander down the nation's picturesque waterways. The rest of the canal boat's power is simply generated by the running of the engine.

A canal boat holiday will save you cash and will have considerably less impact on the environment! Perfect for the environmentally aware holidaymaker.

Green boating holidays are definitely the future for all of us. Get on board now.

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