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The Braunston Historic Boat Rally is taking place on 29th June and 30th June 2013 on the Grand Union Canal.

The follow restrictions will be put in place with effect from 21st June to 7th July.

Moorings, all the 48 hour moorings in Braunston will be suspended.

This includes all the moorings from Braunston Turn to the marina ladder bridge.

The suspended moorings will be in force as follows, Braunston Turn to Bridge 91 From Wednesday 26th June until Monday 1st July for the use of historic and non-historic boats booked into the Rally, staff and stall holders.

Between Bridge 91 and the Stop House - From Saturday 22nd June until Sunday 7th July, historic and non-historic boats booked into the Rally, staff and stall holders.

Stop House to the ladder Bridge historic boats, unless spaces become available .

Please note cruising will be restricted once all the Historic Boats are in position and especially during the parades, which will take place from 10am each day.

Priority will be given to boats in the parade.

Boats travelling North on the Grand Union will be able to cruise as normal past the moored boats.

Boats travelling south on the Grand Union may have to be directed through the Marina.

Elsan and Water Points between Bridge 91 and Braunston Stop House will be closed to moored boats once Historic boats are in position.

Please note alternative facilities are available at Braunston Turn.

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