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It's National Picnic Week so why not celebrate and pack a feast during your Canal Boat Holiday.

What better way could there be to spend a day than with a scrumptious picnic prepared in the galley of your Canal Boat.

The word Picnic, or pique-nique, is of French origin, formed from piquer, the French for to pick at food, and nique meaning something small of no value.

The earliest picnics in England and France were medieval hunting feasts in the 14th Century, says The Oxford Companion to Food, but the word itself did not come in to common use until 1740.

Once only reserved for wealthy hunters and country people out on their estates, it was the Victorians who popularised the picnic and made it commonplace, with writers like Dickens, Trollop and Jane Austen all adopting the convention in their books.

Simplicity was not the Victorians' strong point as can be seen in the Bill of fare for a Picnic for Forty Persons in Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management of 1861.

A typical picnic then consisted of a joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, two ribs of lamb, two shoulders of lamb, four roast fowls, two roast ducks, a ham, a tongue, two veal-and-ham pies, two pigeon pies, six medium-sized lobsters, one piece of collared calf's head, then salads, biscuits, bread and cheese, and 122 bottles of drink and not forgetting the champagne.

Your picnic need not be quite so elaborate simple moor up your Canal Boat and stroll into the closest village for some fresh produce.

The location for the picnic is paramount and the beauty of the canal towpath provides the perfect spot .

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