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Your family will have so much fun on a Canal Boat Holiday you may be forgiven for thinking that the canals were built solely for children.

The thrills and excitement of being on a Canal Boat Holiday are are endless for the whole family from start to finish.

With plenty of fresh air and exercise, constantly changing scenery, working as a team, the wildlife and days out you will never hear the dreaded sentences I'm bored or Are we nearly there yet.

The kids can, under adult supervision, help to steer what other holiday offers them the opportunity to do this.

They love to help at the locks and will soon be handling them like experts.

They can be given a range of tasks, depending on their capabilities, they can help to moor up the boat or hold it to the bank with ropes.

Let them take turns to be galley slaves the washing up will get done and they will have fun as well.

If the weather is not so good there is still plenty to occupy the family why not take the opportunity of your time together and simple chat to your children you will be amazed what you will learn from them.

The kids will love playing games with you in the evenings so bring a supply of board games and a pack of cards.

With a on board entertainment system on your Canal Boat why not bring a supply of DVDs to watch or your favourite CD to listen to in the evenings.

Before you leave fire up your children's imagination and get them excited about their Canal Boat Holiday.

Find out how the locks work, discover a little history of the canals, plan your route, you can even buy maps and guides before hand.

Invest in a book on nature and learn some of the names of the wildlife or fauna you may see on route the children will be so excited when the recognise their first bird or wild flower.

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Moored at the canalside

Freedom to choose

The beautiful canals of England and Wales wind their way through a variety of interesting and distinctive locations offering you the chance to stop off and investigate further at a mooring of your choice or to simply continue cruising onto the next destination.
The canal boat lounge,equipped with TV & DVD
Canal boat holidays,
the fastest way to slow down!