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A comet discovered by two Russian astronomers will be visible from Earth next year but at the moment it is a faint object visible only in sophisticated telescopes.

Comet Ison could draw millions out into the dark to witness what could be the brightest comet seen in many generations.

It was found as a blur on an electronic image of the night sky taken through a telescope at the Kislovodsk Observatory in Russia.

Comet Ison has taken millions of years to reach us travelling from the so called Oort cloud, a reservoir of trillions and trillions of chunks of rock and ice, leftovers from the birth of the planets.

The comet will become visible in small telescopes and binoculars in the summer and during October it will pass close to Mars and then the comets tail will form.

By late November it will be visible to the unaided eye just after dark in the same direction as the setting Sun.

Then it will swing rapidly around the Sun, passing within two million miles of it, far closer than any planet ever does, to emerge visible in the evening sky heading northward towards the pole star.

If you like star gazing then moor up on your Canal Boat Holiday miles away from any street or artificial lighting to enjoy the night sky in all its glory.

The quieter pace of life on your Canal Boat Holiday also means you can enjoy the stars with little interruption.

Look up to the heavens and on a clear night you will be able to see a slight haze which is in fact billions of stars that make up the Milky Way.

The North Star and the brightest in the sky has been used by sailors for navigation for thousands of years.

The moon will appear as a different shape every night as it goes through its different phases or cycles from full to crescent.

If you are on your Canal Boat Holiday in 2013 you never know you may catch a glimpse of comet Ison.

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