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Do you want to do something completely different this Halloween then why not book a Uk Canal Boating Holiday and go on a spooky adventure.

Ghostly happenings have been reported on the canals of Britain for hundreds of years and ever since the canals were built in the 18th Century the tales of haunting began.

Start your Uk Canal Boating Holiday from Union Wharf Marina and cruise through the spooky territory of the Grand Union Canal through the Blisworth tunnel where its tragic history still haunts Canal Boaters today.

Fourteen men died in its construction when the original tunnel collapsed.

A mysterious fork in the tunnel was seen recently by boaters and when they emerged from the tunnel and questioned it, they were assured that a fork no longer exists.

The image they saw was the location of the original tunnel where the tragic accident occurred 200 years earlier.

Listen out for Spring Heeled Jack as you pass beneath the Grand Union bridges the echo of his footsteps here have terrorised boatmen since the 1830s.

This phantasm is said to leap clean across a canal to haunt his victims.

If your Uk Canal Boating Holiday takes you onto the Trent And Mersey Canal you may well encounter the ghostly happening in the eerie Harecastle Tunnel.

In the 19th century this tunnel was so notorious for ghostly encounters that boatmen would avoid it at all cost.

The beheaded corpse of Kit Crewbucket was found here and has haunted the canal tunnel ever since.

At Brindley Bank the dark tale of murdered Christina Collins has been scaring boatmen since 1839 and legend has it that ghostly bloodstained rocks appear at the site where she met her tragic end.

Book a Uk Canal Boating Holiday on The Shropshire Union Canal and cruise on Britains most haunted canal.

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