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The 6th May 2012 is international Dawn Chorus Day, a worldwide celebration of natures daily miracle.

Each year in the UK the Wildlife Trust coordinates International Dawn Chorus Day and hundreds of early morning events are taking place not only here but all around the world.

All around the world people will be getting up early to greet the rising sun and to enjoy the wonderful birdsong.

So join in with other bird lovers from all around the globe and take part in International Dawn Chorus Day.

If you happen to be on a Canal Boat Holiday on this day you will be in one of the best places to hear the dawn chorus.

Take the time on your Canal Boat Holiday and just stop and listen to the wonderful birdsong along the canal banks.

Listen for an owl hooting or for a nightingale singing at dusk or at first light listen for blackbirds, robins and wrens as the dawn chorus sounds the start of morning.

You may be in a privileged to hear the cry of the buzzards or kestrels as the swoop over farmland hunting for food.

The canals are easily accessible and free to explore and they are the ideal destination for nature lovers.

As you gentle cruise along the canals on your Canal Boat Holiday you will get back to nature and have a chance to see the bird life close up.

Ducks and swans feed on the weeds that float in the canal and the reeds growing at the edge provides shelter for the kingfishers.

As you are cruising along on your Canal Boat feed the moorhens and swans as they follow you hoping for a tasty treat.

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