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The first working Canal Boats were wooden, narrow and flat bottomed and were pulled by a horse and were designed for carrying cargo, The Boatmen and his family lived on board and as most of the space was taken up with cargo they ate and slept on a 'butty' or in the rear portion of the Narrowboat.

This tiny space was made attractive with its gleaming brass and fancy lace, they decorated almost every surface and their housewares were painted with the artwork know as Castle and Roses.

Working life was hard and the whole family even the very young children would have their part to play in the day to day running of the Canal Boat.

During the early twentieth century diesel and steam replaced the horse which meant that it was possible to move cargo quicker and with less man power.

Consequently families began to move away from living on the Narrowboats and moved into the towns and cities.

With the coming of the faster age of the railway the canals soon fell into disrepair as less and less Narrowboats used the canal system.

Over the last few decades however extensive work has been carried out to bring the canals back to their former glory.

The new era of the canals is in the leisure and tourist industry and many craft seen on the canals today are owned by Canal Boat Holiday or rental companies.

Most of these Canal Boats have steel hulls and modern diesel engines and are fitted out to a very high standard.

They have all the comforts of home including TV, DVD, central heating, flush toilets and hot and cold running water.

The future of the canals is the Canal Boat Holiday and more people choosing to reside on Narrow Boats.

The more people who use the canal system the more restoration and maintenance work can take place.

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Moored at the canalside

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The beautiful canals of England and Wales wind their way through a variety of interesting and distinctive locations offering you the chance to stop off and investigate further at a mooring of your choice or to simply continue cruising onto the next destination.
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