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A male swan at the Abbotsbury Swannery has adopted the eggs of a female whose mate has rencently died.

Swanherds said it was highly unusual for a cob not to to kill young that are not his own.

The pen, the female swan, recently lost her mate when it was killed in a territorial dispute.

Swanherds put up a fence to protect her nest but another neighbouring cob swam downstream and has adopted her eggs as his own.

Deputy Swanherd Steve Groves said he had not seen such very odd behaviour in 25 years, he seems to go against what scientists call the selfish gene, where you would expect a cob to kill young that do not belong to him.

Staying true to the old adage that swans mate for life, we believe she will stay paired with him and next year he will be able to father his own cygnets with her.

Swans are a very common sight on any Canal Boat Holiday and this time of year many of them are nesting.

A Canal Boat Holiday is a perfect opportunity to spot not just swans but a host of other bird species too.

Take time on your Canal Boat Holiday and just stop and listen to the wonderful birdsong along the canal banks.

Listen for an owl hooting or for a nightingale singing at dusk or at first light listen for blackbirds, robins and wrens as the dawn chorus sounds the start of morning.

You may be in a privileged to hear the cry of the buzzards or kestrels as the swoop over farmland hunting for food.

The canals are easily accessible and free to explore and they are the ideal destination for bird lovers.

As you gentle cruise along the canals on your Canal Boat Holiday you will get back to nature and have a chance to see the bird life close up.

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