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As you are cruising our beautiful canals and rivers on your Canal Boat Holiday you will spot a vast selection of bird life.

Ducks and swans feed on the weeds that float in the canal and the reeds growing at the edge provides shelter for the kingfishers.

As you are cruising along on your Canal Boat Holiday feed the moorhens and swans as they follow you hoping for a tasty treat.

What you may not expect to encounter however are flocks of green ring necked parakeets.

Surprising enough that is just what you may see on a Canal Boat Holiday in Birmingham.

The flocks are thought to originate from a handful of birds which escaped in 1969 and researchers believe that some of these parakeets have been migrating to the West Midlands from London.

Chris Edwards, from the RSPB, said eight birds had been seen in the Sandwell Valley nature reserve of Birmingham this year.

The species, not native to Britain, is believed to have been founded from just a few escaped pet birds in 1969.

There are many theories as to how the parakeets escaped one of them is that they escaped from the set of The African Queen, which was filmed in London and another was that Jimi Hendrix released them into Carnaby Street to inject some psychedelic colour into the UK.

Researchers said the parakeets had been able to adapt to the British climate and had flourished because of their ability to feed on a wide range of foods.

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