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The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB, are asking people who use UK waterways for Canal Boat Holidays, walking, fishing or boating to take extra care to avoid disturbing feeding birds on the canals, rivers and lakes this winter.

Frozen water, frozen ground and snow cover make it very difficult for many bird species such as ducks, geese, swans and wading birds to access their food supplies.

During the winter months the canals, rivers, lakes and waterways provide vital habitats for many species and the charity is urging waterway users to consider the bird life.

You could help during your Canal Boat Holiday by keeping dogs under control, keeping noise to a minimum and to trying not to scare the water dwelling birds.

If you have any tip bits of food left over from your meal then why not leave them out on the tow path for the birds.

Or fill the holes and cracks of a post or log with fatty food, such as suet, for agile birds, such as tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, treecreepers and even wrens.

Thrushes and dunnocks prefer to feed on the ground so for these birds, scatter food on directly onto the towpath.

If you put food such as apples and bread on the ground space it out in different places along the towpath.

Your very own Nature watch will reveal itself on a Canal Boat Holiday when every day the canal and surrounding areas spring into life.

As you are cruising along feed the moorhens and swans that follow your Canal Boat hoping for a tasty treat.

On your Canal Boat Holiday you may be in a privileged position to spot buzzards swooping over farmland or a flash of blue as a kingfisher darts into the reeds.

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