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Forecasters predict that weather beaten Britain will finally be treated to some spring like weather during the next few days.

They say that England and Wales will see bright and sunny weather with temperatures up into the teens by early this week.

The Met Office is predicting that if the jet stream moves north, a build up of high pressure from the south will give us a spell of dry and sunny weather.

Met Office forecaster Rebecca Sherwin said most of the country will see warmer temperatures, clear skies and lighter winds.

What could be better than taking advantage of the warmer weather and booking a Canal Boat Holiday.

Why not take a Canal Boating Holiday on one of the UK canals and watch nature at it's best this Springtime.

As the weather warms up everything will burst into bloom at the same time giving a wonderful display of colour and scent.

Normally it is the snowdrops that brave the weather first to give a wonderful show of pure white and green.

The bluebells then carpet the floor of our woods and forests with a swathe of blue.

The rooks are one of the first birds to nest and they will soon be building their colony and bringing up their young.

The chaffinches, nuthatches and grey herons are some of the birds that will be looking for mates and will be claiming their nesting sites.

There will soon be evidence of frogspawn in our ponds and waterways as the frogs return during February and March to lay their eggs.

Dipping for tadpoles, be careful only to disturb a few, is one of the joys for children on a Canal Boat Holiday.

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The beautiful canals of England and Wales wind their way through a variety of interesting and distinctive locations offering you the chance to stop off and investigate further at a mooring of your choice or to simply continue cruising onto the next destination.
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