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Some baby rabbits being handed into animal centres are not actually in any danger and may not need rescuing.

The RSPCA says members of the public see young rabbits out in the fields by themselves and think that they been abandoned.

The fact is that most are just out playing and wandering around and their mothers are never too far away.

The charity is now warning that people handing in young wild rabbits could be doing them more harm than good.

The RSPCA said that The rabbits will get used to living in captivity and find it harder to adapt to life in the wild again, lowering their chances of survival on their own.

If you love rabbits and wildlife then a Canal Boat Holiday is a perfect choice for you.

A Canal Boat Holiday is an excellent way of getting a little bit closer to nature and your very own Nature Watch will reveal itself.

All of us are familiar with the ducks and swans but imagine the excitement of spotting a heron, otter, rabbit or water vole.

The canals are easily accessible and free to explore and they are the ideal destination for nature lovers.

In fact as you are cruising the canals on your Canal Boat you will find that the wildlife comes to you.

Rabbits are abundant as the canal banks provide a safe environment for them to feed in the early evening.

Water bird feed on the duckweeds that floats in the canal and the reeds growing at the edge provides food and shelter for damselflies and dragonflies.

At times it will be so peaceful that you will hear only the birdsong or buzz of the bumble bees, listen for the sound of owls hooting at dusk or the call of wild fox.

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Moored at the canalside

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The beautiful canals of England and Wales wind their way through a variety of interesting and distinctive locations offering you the chance to stop off and investigate further at a mooring of your choice or to simply continue cruising onto the next destination.
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