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Warwickshire canal boat holidays


Why not do something completely different this half term holiday and explore Warwick Castle on a Canal Boat Holiday.

Warwick Castle was founded almost 1,100 years when in 914AD Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, ordered the building of a burh or an earthen rampart to protect the small hill top settlement of Warwick from Danish invaders.

If you visit today go back in time to 1898 and be a guest at a house party hosted by Daisy, Countess of Warwick meet Daisy and her friends preparing for their party.

During the half term and in the run up to Halloween experience the magic of the Arthurian legend in Merlin The Dragon Tower.

Deep within the Castle a magic mirror has been unearthed that gives guests the chance to meet and interact with the Great Dragon, immerse yourself in the magic and join Merlin in his quest to aide Arthur to fulfil his true destiny.

Experience some of the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening times in the Castle Dungeon which takes you back to 1345 when the town was gripped by the plague.

In true Dungeon style, gore seekers will be greeted by decaying bodies, chanting monks, torture implements, execution and the labyrinth of lost souls.

The town of Warwick is set amidst historic building where there are a vast array of antique and second hand bookshops.

Warwick has a great variety of cafes, restaurants and other eateries.

For Centuries Warwick has been hosting the annual Mop Fair and Runaway Mop Fair and this event is one of the towns oldest traditions.

First started nearly seven hundred years ago when the event was for a hiring local labourers.

Experience the thrill of the races and visit Warwick Racecourse the racecourse is one of the oldest in the country with racing having taken place since the 1700s.


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