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Worcestershire canal boat holidays


There are signs that rare polecats have been making their homes on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal as one of these rare breeds was spotted on the canal near Wolverhampton.

The animal was rescued by British Waterways and the RSPCA after being found swimming in a lock.

The lucky polecat was very cold and wet but otherwise unharmed.

Polecats are related to otters and were trapped to near extermination by gamekeepers and fur trappers in the early 1900s.

British Waterways ecologist Paul Wilkinson said Having reported sightings of polecats using the canals as watery highways is absolutely fantastic.

These animals are hard to track, as they do not leave many distinctive signs and often get confused with minks or ferrets.

The fact that one has been seen is just brilliant news for conservation.

The waterways offer a huge variety of well protected habitats and safe passage through the landscape for this elusive creature.

The canals are easily accessible and free to explore for all and they are an ideal destination for nature lovers.

As you gentle cruise along the canals on your Canal Boat Holiday you will get back to nature and have a chance to see the wildlife close up.

The tow path is home to a huge variety of birds and animals and many rare species such as polecats that thrive in the safe haven that the canal bank provides.

If you love wildlife and nature then a Canal Boat Holiday is a perfect choice for you.

On a Canal Boat Holiday every day the canal and surrounding areas spring into life with insects,birds and animals.

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